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Missing you, Sandara Park by apatheticdestitute
Clap your hands, Dee! by ~apatheticdestitute
Besuto Furendo by ~apatheticdestitute
Baby, goodnight ft. DaraGon by ~apatheticdestitute
Flatfish? on Flickr.
Blowfish on Flickr.
When the sun sets… on Flickr.
Just a lonely reflection by ~apatheticdestitute

Happy birthday to my best friend Moy, my soul mate, Ralph Renz Dela Merced! :)
I made this in a rush, thought I couldn’t make it but yaaay! 
I LOVE YOU SO FRIGGIN’ MUCH BABE!! I can’t wait to see you soon, veryyyy sooon! :DAnd Happy 10th Monthsary to us. :) 
My Babe’s Birthday Gift on Flickr.
I thought he could care less. I felt really sad and I have forgotten it was suppose to be a happy day for me because it is my special day after all. I thought it was just another ‘lonely birthday’ I’ve had since the last few years. But then I was wrong, Rap proved it wrong, my friends proved it wrong, hell! Even my best friend surprised me with her fascinating video editing. LMAO [it was seriously admirable]. My parents and family were there too, cooked me some foods to celebrate with. It was just fascinating. I felt so touched. :’( Thank you so much for making it a beautiful and a happy birthday! To all who greeted me, applers, my friends, family, my boyfriend, and everyone else! ARIGATO GOZAIMASU!! <3